TRAYART was founded in 2012 as a new reality in the dental sector.
The specialization in the prosthetic field, in particular on impression materials and accessories, uses skills acquired at international level with about 20 years experience.
In 2015 TRAYART progresses and changes its corporate structure by integrating a team of highly professional people with specific knowledge and a strong propensity to find innovative solutions.


TRAYART has dedicated its skills to the creation of the "VESTIGE" line of materials that meets the needs of a constantly changing reality.


High quality standards and reliability of the materials offered are the key points on which the TRAYART philosophy is based.
The checks carried out on all the processing stages, the advanced production and packaging systems, are a guarantee for users.


Continuous research into solutions and materials that stand out for superior performance.

To simplify the work of the professional, optimizing time, results and reducing variability and error margins.

To create specific and at the same time versatile products that successfully adapt to the main impression techniques with constant and predictable results.


TRAYART's vocation is the commitment to support dentists and their collaborators by promoting customer service.
TRAYART relies on the collaboration of experts in the sector, research institutes and universities, proposing itself as a competent partner for highly specialized consultancy.


TRAYART produces solutions designed to preserve the safety of both the professional and the patient in full respect of the environment.