Vestige Impla is the new material specific for impressions in implantoprosthesis. VESTIGE IMPLA detects the exact three-dimensional position of the implant and of the peri-implant tissues, firmly absorbing the transfer. Designed to absorb tensions and to minimize distorting effects. It can be used both in "pick-up" and "pull-off" impression techniques.

Description / Use

Vinylpolysiloxane for the impression taking in implantoprosthesis. Suitable for the direct, indirect and immediate loading techniques. Flowing during its working, rigid and stable after setting. It is compatible with all the automatic mixing systems in 5:1 ratio. Can be relined. Colour: orange.

Standard packaging REF 1S6000
VESTIGE IMPLA INTRO: 1x380ml cartridge + 5 automatic mixers + 1 clamping ring
Standard packaging REF 1S6001
VESTIGE IMPLA REFILL: 2x80ml cartridges + 10 automatic mixers + 1 clamping ring


Rigid after setting

Precise positioning of transfers


Less stress for both the operator and patient


It can be injected

Always homogeneous mixing

Total absence of air bubbles

Safe to disinfect

Safe for dentists

ISO 4823 / ADA spec. 19 Type 1 heavy bodied consistency
Mixing ratio 5:1
Mixing time (23°C) Automix
Total working time (23°C) 1' 30"
Time in mouth (35°C) 2' 30"
Setting time (35°C) 4'
Hardness 70 Shore "A"
Linear dimensional change < 0,20%
Elastic recovery > 99,5%
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