lab putty advanced

Vestige LAB PUTTY ADVANCED is a high precision, putty consistency addition silicone, created for use in prosthodontic laboratory. It is to be used in all the moulding techniques where accuracy is an essential requirement. Normal working time and superior detail detection capability. Exclusive 3 kg packaging.

Description / Use

Hand mixing vinylpolysiloxane suitable for ceramic moulding and all the registration techniques that require extreme precision. Normal working time for a proper positioning and to allow an unprecedented detail reproduction. It can be scanned. Color: violet.

Standard packaging REF 1L1400
VESTIGE LAB PUTTY ADVANCED: 2 1,5kg cans (base+catalyst)


Mixing ratio 1:1

Easy to dose


No gloves needed for mixing

High final hardness

Stable and accurate in repositioning

Heat, pression and monomer resistance

Unaltered in any condition of use

Dimensional stability

Unaltered products even after weeks

Easy to scan

Compatible with all CAD/CAM systems

Extremely precise

Unmatchable detail reproduction

Mixing ratio 1:1
Mixing time (23°C) 30"
Total working time (23°C) 2'
Setting time(23°C) 6'
Hardness 70 Shore "A"
Linear dimensional change < 0,20%
Elastic recovery > 99,5%
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