Vestige Medium is a medium viscosity impression material. It stands out for two main characteristics: hydro-compatibility and versatility. This impression material is particularly suitable for workings that do not require a too fluid consistency, maintaining smoothness and precision in the reproduction of details.

Description / Use

Medium consistency vinylpolysiloxane. It can be used both for simultaneous / single stage impression technique (using an individual impression tray) or for the relining of full and partial dental prosthesis. It can be scanned. Color: fuchsia.

Standard packaging REF 1S3000
VESTIGE MEDIUM: 2x50ml cartridges + 12 mixing tips



High fluidity without dripping

Appropriate working and setting times

Designed for the maximum accuracy


Not muco-compressive

Dimensional stability

Accurate and unaltered in time impressions

Safe to disinfect

Safe for dentists

Easy to scan

Compatible with all CAD/CAM systems

ISO 4823 / ADA spec. 19 Type 2 medium bodied consistency
Mixing ratio 1:1
Mixing time (23°C) Automix
Total working time (23°C) 2'
Time in mouth (35°C) 3' 30"
Setting time (35°C) 5' 30"
Hardness 50±2 Shore "A"
Linear dimensional change < 0,20%
Elastic recovery > 99,5%
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