putty soft-fast

Vestige Putty Soft-Fast is a hand mixing addition silicone suitable for the filling of the impression tray. It is the first "Universal impression tray material" since it has been designed for all the additive correction fluids used in the various dental impression techniques. VESTIGE PUTTY can adapt itself to any professional's methods and manual skills as well as to all the different dental impression techniques required by every specific clinical case.

Description / Use

Putty consistency vinylpolysiloxane created for the impression taking of fixed dental prosthesis, suitable for dental bridges and crowns, inlays, onlays, partial dental prosthesis, implants, position impressions, temporary C&B impressions. Balanced final hardness to allow an easy removal from the patient's oral cavity even if in presence of pronounced undercuts. Excellent elastomeric properties in terms of elastic recovery and resistance to deformation. It can be scanned. Colour: dark purple. Fast setting time.

Standard packaging REF 1S1100
VESTIGE PUTTY SOFT-FAST: 2x300ml cans (base+catalyst)


Easy to mix

Pleasant to the touch, non-greasy

Ideal consistency

Not muco-compressive

Appropriate working and setting times

Suitable for both single-step and two-steps impression techniques

Balanced final hardness

Easy removal from patient's oral cavity

Dimensional stability

Accurate and unaltered in time impressions

Safe to disinfect

Safe for dentists

Easy to scan

Compatible with all CAD/CAM systems

ISO 4823 / ADA spec. 19 Type 0 Putty consistency
Mixing ratio 1:1
Mixing time (23°C) 30"
Total working time (23°C) 1' 30"
Time in mouth (35°C) 2' 30"
Setting time (35°C) 4'
Hardness 62±2
Linear dimensional change < 0,20%
Elastic recovery > 99,5%
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